In order to become familiar with our new Rejoice Hymnal (Majesty Music) we are learning a new hymn each month.

page 454
Higher Ground by Soundforth on Grooveshark

page 533
O God, My Joy by Soundforth on Grooveshark

page 471
Lord of My Heart by Matt & Christy Taylor on Grooveshark

page 661
O Church, Arise by Steve Pettit Evangelistic Team on Grooveshark

page 315
The Holy Heart by SoundForth on Grooveshark

page 76
O Great God by Kevin Inafuku on Grooveshark

page 576
We are Your Church by Ron and Shelly Hamilton on Grooveshark

page 263
Wonderful, Merciful Savior

page 513
Speak, O Lord by Kevin Inafuku on Grooveshark

page 332
Beautiful Hands by Ron and Shelly Hamilton on Grooveshark

page 37
Holy God, We Praise Thy Name by Eric Wyse on Grooveshark

     On February 15, 1982 an informal meeting was held at the home of Fred Holdsworth (Windmill Hill Rd., Dublin) to discuss the feasibility of starting a church in Dublin. From this meeting a steering committee was established which resulted in the beginnings of MVBC which held its first service (Charter Sunday) on June 15, 1982. Mel Moody became the pastor. The history of MVBC from its earliest days has been knit together with the ministry of Dublin Christian Academy.
    A few years later John Peterson was brought on as assistant pastor. John left in 1992. Bob Emberley began as assistant pastor in June, 1992. Pastor Mel passed away in April, 1994 and Pastor Bob became senior pastor by church vote that May.
    Pastor Bob resigned as pastor in November, 2008, and Jared Baldwin became pastor in August of 2009.
    The officers of MVBC have the annual reports and other pertinent documents from which some of the details of the history of the church can be pieced together. Details such as members, financial records, events, projects, church decisions, and programs. However the true history of the church is found in the people who have gathered from a mutual hunger to hear the Word of God clearly taught and proclaimed and who had a desire to make the gospel of Christ (Who is the central theme of Scripture, John 5:29) known.


Sunday School 9:30am
Worship Service        10:30am
Evening Service 6:00pm


Prayer Meeting 7:00pm
Youth Groups 7:00pm
        TNT 7th-12th
        Truth Trackers K3-6th
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